This is a call to all hyperlocal bloggers, whether food, events, culture and the arts, or local news!

Echoer is already being used as channel to further broadcast blog content (in the locations it relates to!) and see how people respond to it.

An echo can currently be as long as ~400 characters.  We did the math, and one of the reasons for this was so that we could cater for bloggers and news-stories: this is enough space to allow for an echo headline, a paragraph, and a hyperlink back to your site.

As a platform for real-time and relevant thought, Echoer is a great place for bloggers to get in front of an even larger audience, join and stimulate conversation about the places and things you write about, and see how your content is received by the Echoer community.  We also hope Echoer will be a source of inspiration and content for you.

Check out our Blogger FAQs or drop us a line – we’d love to chat about how we can work with you!


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