echoer_on_campusWhat is Echoer?

Have you ever wished you could see the thoughts of those around you? Wanted to air issues or share ideas, events and discoveries with others in your area?

Built on top of a fun and engaging visual platform, Echoer is a groundbreaking location-based app that enables users to explore what others around you are saying, and see what’s echoing loudest in a given place or area. One of Echoer’s key characteristics is the act of “amping” which helps show you what matters most in a particular place at a given moment in time.  It’s local, it’s real-time, and it’s very interactive.

What have you got to do?

Echoer is looking for Ambassadors on campuses across Canada and the United States who will bring all sorts of new ideas and tons of energy to the Echoer movement.

As an ambassador, your main role will be to get your peers echoing! Believe us, we’ve tried, and it’s not as simple as it seems!! Therefore we will need you to be as creative as possible, and outsmart Echoer’s “outdated” co-founders by coming up with new and exciting initiatives to get people using this awesome app!
Of course, we will expect you to resort to the usual methods too…

  • Being very present on facebook, twitter and google+ (for the super-techies that actually use it!)
  • Street and guerrilla market (flyering the #!^% out of your school)

Lastly and most importantly, you guys will be the Echoer “know-it-all”s on campus. If people have questions, comments, or anything at all Echoer-related, they will come to you… because as your title indicates… you know it all!! And for the rare cases when you don’t know, you will serve as the middlemen (women) between others students and us.

You’ve gotta be…

  • A people person
  • Highly motivated and driven
  • Eager to learn
  • Totally into Echoer (obv)

So, what do you get?

As well as working within a young and dynamic team, helping Echoer become the next big thing (bragging rights!), and gaining experience in business, leadership, marketing and social media, we are offering some awesome perks:

  • A new bullet to add to your CV (and we’re happy to write a reference letter for each of you!)
  • STICKERS (for laptops and anywhere else you can think of)
  • Something almost as cool as an iPad 3 will be offered to the highest performing ambassador
  • An opportunity to join our team full time (based on exceptional performance)

You will also build and grow your network. Our team has deep connections with leading tech companies, top-tier consulting firms, PR agencies, toy companies (yes, you read that right) investment banks, and even a bunch of law firms (if that’s what you are into). Do a great job and have the chance to get a warm introduction from our co-founders.


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