We are already collaborating with a number of venues to run innovative Echoer events and promotions.  Whether it’s incorporating echoer into an event, or running a promo via your echo chamber, please get in touch.  Here’s a taste of what we have going on:

  • Club nights – ever request a tune only for the DJ to completely ignore you?  Those days are over – DJs will be spinning the tracks based on what’s echoing loudest that evening.  We’ll be blasting out details soon.
  • Canadiens v Maple Leafs – a top Montreal venue will be screening the game and the echo activity live, so that you can air and amplify your rink-side views for all to see.  Details to follow on our blog.
  • Students, you are in luck. Retailers can’t do enough to win you over.  We have some promos coming your way – all you have to do is amp up the promo echo and show it when you pay.  If they aren’t using Echoer yet, the feel free to nag your favourite stores or cafes into submission.
  • Did we mention the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Visual Voice Gallery and many more?  Expect to see Echoer taking an active role in bringing arts, culture, events and exhibits to life.

We’re all ears open to new ideas and partnerships, so please contact us here.


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