Believe it or not many many moments were spent crafting that tagline, swapping words in and out, and debating the minutiae of whether it should be “a” world of thoughts or “the” world of thoughts.

So its time for some kind of explanation:

Echoer is aimed at creating a local conversation around places, events and the issues that you care about.  This is a two-way street.  As well as posting your own thoughts, you can amplify others’ recommendations and discoveries, helping us identify and display the most relevant and popular posts in a given place or area.  And when you enter a specific place you’ll see a striking visualization of the echoes in that place, growing and moving in real-time as they vie for prominence against one and other.  The interactive nature of Echoer means that you, our users, can literally “shape” the thoughts around you.

The echo bubbles, their movement, the colors, and the terminology we have created… they are all a part of a vision of how we wanted Echoer to look and feel.  And we have believed passionately since Day 1 that this would be a really engaging way for you to explore what others are saying or discovering around you.  And this is all yours to define as you like… zoom in or zoom out and decide for yourself whether you want to see the most relevant echoes in the city or the loudest echoes in a particular room.

We also want to encourage you to get creative.  Echoer goes a step beyond regular reviews.  It offers you the chance to engage your location-mates with your ideas, challenge or make proposals to those in the same venue as you, and find out how they feel about that meal, service, play-list or other local issues.

Echoer was born out of a lot of things: a love of design, infographics and interactivity, a sense of fun, and a feeling that the time was right to change the norms of information consumption.  We really hope you enjoy using it, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas so that we can continue to shape Echoer and push it to ever higher levels.


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