As part of our collaboration with the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal, we partnered with The Gazette to fill venues with a true wealth of content, including event listings, reviews, images and tips.

One of the most creative ideas we had was based on something the Echoer team came up with a while back: changing the “skin” (or background) of an echo space to match what was going on at that time.

Each day of the festival The Gazette released the best photos from the day before.  We set up a dedicated space to host those photos as backdrops to that Echoer space, creating a visual cue to what had gone on the day before, bringing the festival tips and reviews to life, and stimulating comments and discussion amongst festival-goers.  The results were both eye-catching and, based on the activity in that echo space, truly engaging.

What do you think?

Jazz Festival, Montreal, Gazette, Echoer


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