Echoer CEO, Daniel Cowen, Skyped me at 9.30 this morning in a state of complete and utter excitement. He had spent the weekend in Washington DC and couldn’t wait to tell me all about it! Our delightful, amazing little app Echoer had made his weekend and he wanted to share his experience!

“I was in Washington DC visiting some friends who had only moved there a few months ago and we decided to go to a baseball game to see the Washington Nationals versus the Miami Marlins.  At the game we were met with another friend of ours… (If anyone reading this has been to a live sporting event (not just baseball) you’ll know how hard it is to find one person in a crowd of thousands)! I thought it would be fun to integrate Echoer into our baseball game experience and leave our friend an ‘Echo’ trial to follow so they could find the exact spot in the stadium where we were sat! It was a great being able share our ‘game’ experience from across the field!”

“Following the success of the Baseball game we decided to use Echoer again to see what else was going on in the local area.  We found an Echo from one of our bloggers ‘The DC Vegfest is a free outdoor festival…’. We were thrilled! My friends are vegetarians and knew nothing about the festival! So thanks to our blogger my friends can veg-out until the heart’s content in a couple of weeks time.”

Have you used Echoer to find out what’s going on, leave a trial for your friends to follow or just used it to give your thoughts on a location or venue? We’d love to hear how Echoer made your weekend better!


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