Getting Social Media Right 

Social media remains a key strategy for growing your user-base and engaging users. But “doing” social media is not easy. At Echoer we face the same problems that many small companies or growing brands do. What’s going to get us heard and what’s going to engage our followers?  The answer’s simple: content they want to read.

Over the past few months we’ve been trying various approaches to see what engages you and what turns you off. Sometimes it works out and other times it’s an epic fail. It’s been a mixed bag, and has included posts inspired by our 500+ strong network of local bloggers; travels tips; Echoer experiences and updates; and a bunch of other stuff aimed to amuse you.

Well we’ve been listening to you, and as of today we’re going to be starting a whole new approach to Echoer’s social media and content creation. It’s time to break through the noise and give you social media that counts. We’ll be breaking it down into four main groups:

1. What’s Echoing. City by city, week by week, we’ll be taking a look at a new destination and providing you with bite-size snippets straight from our users.

2. Blogger of the week. Our blogger community is a really important part of who we are. Each week we’ll be shining the light on one of our bloggers for you to see.

3. Echoer Updates. We’re often asked how Echoer is doing. Well it’s time to open the kimono. Key stats, updates and developments are coming your way.

4. Market Insights. We get a lot of questions about Echoer and our space generally, and we have some answers and insights we’d like to share, coupled with the odd story that catches our attention.

Aside from this I’ll be doing a lot more blogging. You can expect to see a new piece every 1-2 weeks. At first I’ll be focusing on Echoer and our Insights, fleshing out some of the posts mentioned above. I’ll also be discussing some of our decisions and outlook in more detail. You’ve been asking, so here you go!

Echoer is now 62,000 users’ strong and with your support we can do some amazing things. It’s time to get engaged.

Thanks for reading.


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