Shape and explore a world of thoughts around you

Believe it or not many many moments were spent crafting that tagline, swapping words in and out, and debating the minutiae of whether it should be “a” world of thoughts or “the” world of thoughts.

So its time for some kind of explanation:

Echoer is aimed at creating a local conversation around places, events and the issues that you care about.  This is a two-way street.  As well as posting your own thoughts, you can amplify others’ recommendations and discoveries, helping us identify and display the most relevant and popular posts in a given place or area.  And when you enter a specific place you’ll see a striking visualization of the echoes in that place, growing and moving in real-time as they vie for prominence against one and other.  The interactive nature of Echoer means that you, our users, can literally “shape” the thoughts around you. Continue reading


Echoer is a natural mouthpiece for local conversation and is well suited for drawing attention to community issues and points of interest.

We’re currently working with managers from community organizations and non-profits to harness Echoer’s platform to stimulate conversation about local landmarks and issues in urban centres. Continue reading

Venues – Get your echo on!

We are already collaborating with a number of venues to run innovative Echoer events and promotions.  Whether it’s incorporating echoer into an event, or running a promo via your echo chamber, please get in touch.  Here’s a taste of what we have going on: Continue reading


This is a call to all hyperlocal bloggers, whether food, events, culture and the arts, or local news!

Echoer is already being used as channel to further broadcast blog content (in the locations it relates to!) and see how people respond to it.

An echo can currently be as long as ~400 characters.  We did the math, and one of the reasons for this was so that we could cater for bloggers and news-stories: this is enough space to allow for an echo headline, a paragraph, and a hyperlink back to your site. Continue reading

The Echoer Campus Ambassador Program

echoer_on_campusWhat is Echoer?

Have you ever wished you could see the thoughts of those around you? Wanted to air issues or share ideas, events and discoveries with others in your area?

Built on top of a fun and engaging visual platform, Echoer is a groundbreaking location-based app that enables users to explore what others around you are saying, and see what’s echoing loudest in a given place or area. One of Echoer’s key characteristics is the act of “amping” which helps show you what matters most in a particular place at a given moment in time.  It’s local, it’s real-time, and it’s very interactive. Continue reading

Echoer’s First Weekend – SIXTEEN THOUSAND Thank Yous!

So Echoer’s now out there. Globally. It hit App Stores around the world on Thursday and we’ve been blown away with the reception it has got. The 16,223 individual receptions in fact.

It’s difficult to say how blown away in words, so we’ll show why in numbers. Here’s Echoer’s first weekend in stats:

  • Less than 100 hours since launched
  • 16,223 downloads in total
  • 28,000 new echoes, amps and places & people favorited
  • 93,000 Echoes viewed
  • Peak of 30 registrations a min
  • 2.5 hours sleep

What’s been the most gratifying part of the weekend is seeing users getting valuable information out of the platform. Some information we’d envisaged people could use Echoer for, and others opening our eyes to what’s out there:

  • Local restaurant recommendations in Paris
  • Broadcasts of Church service times in the US
  • Reporting traffic jams in Bahrain
  • Complaints from bus stops about bus wait times in Canada
  • Local businesses placing ads, here’s one we liked a lot “iPhone , iPad , laptop supplies & more Hoooot price”
  • Cracking a lot of jokes: Austin Starbucks goers describing coffee as “God’s way of apologizing for early mornings”
  • One user asking “shisha girls” to contact him (with an email address placed in the Echo bubble)

And thanks to the numbers of downloads we’ve hit top ten apps across multiple countries, including reaching no.1 free download in Saudi Arabia! We are now in the process of translating our tutorial (now at into various languages.

It’s extremely rewarding to see the months of work our team have dedicated to Echoer coming off. We’re extremely grateful to everyone that’s invested the time to download, register and start Echoing over the last few days. From everyone here at Echoer HQ…Thank You!


Echoer is excited to be working with the Visual Voice Gallery!

For more information click here.

Echoer Loves Art

We are pleased to announce that Echoer will be working hand in hand with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal’s largest museum and amongst the most prominent in Canada.  We are absolutely thrilled about this and look forward to supporting the Museum and its team in its use of Echoer and social media more generally. Continue reading